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Nazrani Research Centre 



In a word, I describe Liturgical

Retreat as 'Liberating' 

Real teachings of the Church

helped me to know the beauty

of our Church and her Liturgy

We were welcomed with very delicious vegetarian food


Nazrani Research Centre Nallathanny

**         Margam: Five days Retreat for the faithful in every month to experience and                   live the Marthoma Nazrani Margam


**         Syriac Learning Centre: Syriac courses for Priests, Religious and faithful   


**        Collection of Manuscripts, books and articles to form a Reference Library of                     Marthoma Margam

**         Research and Training in Liturgical music


**         Research and Training in different Art forms of Marthoma Nazranies


**         Collection of old Syriac texts, manuscripts, historical documents, vestments and             other articles from the Churches, Priests and faithful to develop a museum of                 the same


**         Publication of practical suggestions and tips to help the parishes to be formed                into a liturgical season-oriented life


**         Production and distribution of Icons and pious articles which depict various   

             aspects of Marthoma Nazrani Margam

**         Dukhrana: Online Publication of NRC

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On 17th December 2023

Dec 17 | 2023

From Nallathanny

A Place of Prayer and God experience

Whoever wants to be alone with God for some days
will find this place most suitable

A Tent where the Liturgy of the Hours are celebrated Seven times a day

Be Inspired
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