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Our Projects

Nazrani Research Centre Nallathanny, a centre for living and experiencing

the holy patrimony of Marthoma Nazrani Church (Syro Malabar Church)

through the liturgy of the hours which are celebrated seven times a day,

also theological discussions and debates.

Liturgical retreats are conducted at the beginning of every Liturgical Season,

and Writing and Distribution of Icons.

It also aims at giving training in Liturgical music, Traditional Nazrani Art forms,

and publication of the literature connected with the Marthoma margam.

A library including books and articles on Syriac Theology and a Museum containing the valuable pieces from the Nazrani tradition are also being formed.

Margam: Liturgical Retreat

The most important event  at Nazrani Research Centre Nallathanny is the Liturgical Retreat which is arranged at the beginning of every Liturgical season. It is a FIVE days closed liturgical retreat restricted to 25 persons  for which prior registration is possible.

Syriac Learning

Syriac (Aramaic) language is the key to open the Treasure of Syriac Theology. Moreover it is the language  which our Lord Jesus Christ used to announce the gospel of the Kingdom and the language our Lord and the disciples used to pray. To understand the Syriac culture and tradition the study of the language is inevitable. Syriac as the liturgical language of the Nazranies gets the prime importance. We arrange Syriac language courses for different groups.

Liturgical Music

Music helps the liturgical celebration to become more heavenly. Convinced of the importance of liturgical music we undertake the training in liturgical music. A training programme in Choral singing is conducted every Friday evening from 4.30 to 6.30. at Kanjirapally. It is opened to all those who are interested and dedicated.

We also aim at training and propagating Syriac music which is an inevitable part of St. Thomas Christian tradition.


A library of Syriac theology and literature is being formed at Nazrani Research Centre Nallathanny. There are huge collections of articles from the international journals by eminent Syriac scholars, books and Syriac manuscripts of liturgy, bible and Canon law. Those who are interested to dive into the world of Syriac theology and literature can make use of this library.


Museum is a holy place where the relics of the spirituality, culture and lives of an age are preserved. The museum at Nazrani Research Centre aims at collecting and retaining those pieces from different churches and individuals. It can carry the  viewer back to an era which is only on the pages of history.


Icons, the holy pictures written by the saintly personalities help us to pray and meditate over the different moments of the history of salvation. It is a prime motive of Nazrani Research Centre Nallathanny to promote the use of icons in churches and houses which is an outstanding practice of the  Oriental tradition. We distribute different icons suitable for churches and houses. 

Art Forms

The different art forms of the Marthoma Nazranies like Margamkali, Parichamuttukali, Rambanpattu etc depict the history and tradition of the community. Nazrani Research Centre takes on the task of training these different art forms of our tradition.

Pratical Suggestions

One of the important activities of Nazrani Research Centre Nallathanny is to provide with practical tips for the pastors to empower them to lead the community according to the spirit of the liturgical seasons. The spiritual life of the faithful must be liturgically oriented and these practical suggestions help the pastors for the same.

NRC Publications

Nazrani Research Centre undertakes publication of books and articles which  deal with the liturgy, theology, spirituality and other subjects of the Oriental churches.

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